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The 2019 Omega & Sligo Steel Invitational was one to remember for sure.  We had a record high attendance, and Brian Gibson's closest to the pin shot on #5 was just inside five inches...not to mention of course a HEROIC long drive shot which some people are calling the drive of the century.  This was also the first year we introduced group handicaps to the event which really made things interesting.

Here are our winners:

1st Place 1st Flight : Rob Irwin, Scott Irwin, Tom Ferguson, Kyle Yarbrough

2nd Place 1st Flight: Kevin Bordner, Bob Friedrich, Bob Belobraydic, Steve Zuehlke

1st Place 2nd Fligh: Mike Kloess, Jeff Thomas, Robin Donalds, Chris Williamson

2nd Place 2nd Flight: Melvin Radke, Chris Satterfield, Kevin Kulich

Longest Drive: Mike Meyerhoff

Closest To The Pin (#5): Brian Gibson

Closest To The Pin (#12) Kevin Bordner


Thank you to everyone who attened golf tournament as well as the castle party and steel summit.  We  hope you all return next year for the 40th!